"He loves righteousness and justice;

the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord." Psalms 33:5


What is social justice and is it even in the Bible?

Christians seem to ask this question all the time, yet still are confused and divided over the answers they come up with. What would God say about social justice as we know it today? This book answers those questions and much more.

God Loves Justice is a practical guide to understanding biblical social justice.

As an introductory and user-friendly source, it explores biblical justice, using what God loves as its foundation.

Fun, approachable, and conversational -- this guide is meant to help you better understand justice, righteousness, and the Bible overall.

Topics covered include:

  • The Biblical definition of righteousness and justice
  • What justice and righteousness looked like in the lives of people in the Bible
  • How justice connects to love, grace, mercy, and compassion
  • Why it’s challenging for Christians to see justice in the New Testament
  • How Jesus is the foundation of our justice and righteousness
  • How justice and righteousness are integrated into the kingdom of God
  • How to practically express justice and righteousness through your life

Anchored in biblical truth, this Christ-centered resource is tool for connecting your faith to justice and for knowing God’s love.

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Bring God Loves Justice to your church, business, or organization! Our passion is to equip Christians with the biblical foundations of justice so they can live God's justice and righteousness through their lives. Everything is focused on biblical teaching, not politics, so people from any political background can participate. 

Topics include:

  • Defining biblical justice
  • Living a lifestyle of justice and righteousness
  • Picture of justice in the nation of Israel
  • Jesus' victorious justice
  • Justice, the gospel, and evangelism 
  • Justice in the New Testament
  • Justice and the Kingdom of God 
  • Leading with justice
  • Confronting injustice
  • Justice, mercy, and compassion
  • Hope-filled justice 

We have pre-developed seminars and workshops, or we can work with you to develop custom ones. These are available either in=person or through Skype.