What's the book about?

After a decade of social justice work, I had an embarrassing secret. I couldn’t actually define “social justice.”  I mean, it seemed to be good and in the Bible somewhere, therefore I reasoned I should do it. One day, I was sitting on an empty library floor with my brain full of statistics, researching the best projects to stop poverty, when God dropped a simple question my way: "What do I say I love?" 
I was in the middle of researching something I thought He’d like. Why would He interrupt to ask me about His feelings? I had made working for justice my top priority because I thought that God wanted that. And yet, the question hit me hard. After all my work, I couldn’t answer a question that’s fundamental to all intimate relationships. So I switched from reading statistics about poverty to reading the Bible to hear God's heart. 
What I saw shocked me. In my church background, social justice had a reputation for being worldly-centered and theologically-weak and was therefore treated as a side hobby. But the more I read the Bible, the more I learned how wrong that reputation was. 
The Biblical story is the full display of God's own love for justice and righteousness- and anyone with any life calling can live it out. After years of trying to cut through the personal and political agendas driving social justice projects, I discovered the secret formula. To get the most powerful, practical, Christ-centered and unbiased message about justice, I only needed to read the Bible. This book, God Loves Justice and Righteousness, is written to serve those who want that kind of a message: a resource for Biblical social justice that brings you closer to God’s heart and lets you be a unique expression of what He loves.

  • Why should I volunteer?

    • The heart behind the book is to serve Christians who want to learn what the Bible says about social justice- without any politics or personal agendas mixed in. Your feedback is crucial to make sure the material is explained effectively and refine the teaching before it is published. 
  • Who can participate? 

    • Christians from all age ranges, educational experience, careers, denominational backgrounds (including Catholic and Orthodox!) 

  • What will the feedback process be like?

    • Once the group is identified, everyone will be mailed a physical copy of the book. The group has two weeks to finish it (unless another timeline is worked out), then schedule a 30-45 minute conversation at your convenience to give feedback and answer questions. 

  • How can I volunteer?

    • If you are interested, please fill out the form below. We are trying to build a diverse group with people from a lot of backgrounds, thats why we are asking demographic information. If you are selected, then we will email you with information.

  • Still have questions? Email: admin@godlovesjustice.com

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